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Falu, known for her "Indie Hindi" sound, blends traditions of Indian classical and folk music with western pop, rock and electronic styles to create songs that explore themes of womanhood, romance, longing, love, and loss. Seamlessly able to vacillate between 5 different South Asian languages while backed by her award-winning band, Falu's sound has been called "Ethereal and Transcendent" by Billboard Magazine, and "reflects a rare brand of timelessness and Avant-guard charm" (Vogue India). "Bridging Cultural Gaps with Music...She and her band mix Hindustani classical a fusion of Arabic and South Indian music with pop and Oriental styles. It is East and West, ancient and modern. --New York Times. Check out her most recent album, "Foras Road", and videos below to experience Falu.



Started in 2004, this band was ahead of its time and genre-bending as it wove together the intensity of rock, the improvisation of jazz, and the intricacies of India’s musical traditions.

The band’s musicians have trained and played live around the world for over 20 years, and are about to embark on a reunion tour, over a decade later. 


Falu & Karyshma's debut album “Nearly Home” contains ten original songs, including collaborations with veterans like Kenwood Dennard (Sting, Jaco Pastorius), Carl Beatty (Aretha Franklin, Bruce Springsteen), and Greg Calbi (Branford Marsalis, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Dylan). Stay tuned for their album, "Someday", out August 2020. For more info, go to 

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After having her own son, Falu embarked on a mission to create one of the first South Asian music and culture projects in the market, "Falu's Bazaar".  A musical journey through South Asian culture and around the globe, the album and live show celebrate the instruments, languages, sights, and humanity of a diverse world. Children learn through song how to introduce themselves in Hindi, obeying traffic signals, about animals, counting, spices, South Asian cooking, diversity of cultures, and how to have fun as part of a human train!



Falu’s Bollywood Orchestra combines the excitement and timeless elegance of Bollywood’s musical golden age with an inventive modern style showcased in collaborations with A.R. Rahman on Slumdog Millionaire and in performances around the world. Falu performs popular Bollywood songs with an unforgettable flair, backed by an ethnically diverse string section and driving rhythms on drums and Indian percussion. See videos for the full experience of Falu's Bollywood Orchestra.



Falu and her master musicians accompany her in a magical, intimate musical journey that flows seamlessly through South Asian Ghazals, old-time classics of Bollywood, to the diminishing courtesan culture’s thumries and dadras. This 90 minute, meditative and seductive musical set can be presented in any setting, from one’s living room to a more formal theater.

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