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"Falu represents the 11th generation of a family of Hindustani classical musicians... 'My purpose in making ‘Falu’s Bazaar’ was to keep the tradition living,' she said. 'To give everybody who has immigrated, who has a different culture to latch onto, who has some story to tell, to give validation that your song matters, your story matters.'”


“‘Who would have thought that having my mother sing an old children’s lullaby from India would get a response from parents in America? It just shows the common bonds we all share, regardless of being Indian or not,’ [Falu] says.”


"New York-based singer and songwriter Falguni Shah has won a Grammy nomination this year for ‘Falu’s Bazaar’, her children’s album that blends South Asian music with global rhythms."


“... melodies are catchy but while staying true to the purity of the raga, Falu manages to bring in the sound of jazz, funk, hip hop, and pop to create something that has a universal appeal.”


"Revelling in the spirit of music, the Grammy Awards applauds artists throughout the globe and are considered as the epitome of success in the field of music. The 61st edition of the Grammy Awards has an Indian connect and it is none other than Hindustani classical singer Falguni Shah who goes by the stage name of Falu."


"Shah began her journey in the field of music with training in the Jaipur musical tradition and the Benaras style of Thumri. She has worked with several internationally celebrated musicians like Wyclef Jean, Philip Glass, Ricky Martin, Blues Traveler, Yo-Yo Ma and A.R. Rahman."


"I thought the best way to answer his questions was through music. So I decided to make this album to give him and all children who come from different and diverse backgrounds a sense of identity and reassure them - what they have inherited is deep-rooted culture and heritage and they have the advantage to draw from both, their cultures and also the American way of life."

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"Grammy nominated singer Falu Shah: The recording academy would love to get submissions from Bollywood"

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